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The history of this website. We started this site in January 2001 in a different design. In December 2003 we created a new format to present our material. Below you will find a list of updates since the new look. The updates from before 2004 are not mentioned in this list. Total number of different photographs online: 1314

11 October 2008  Tactical Leadership Program 2008/5: best one of the year!
 9 October 2008  Jordanian F-16s leave Belgium: a very early Photocall at Kleine Brogel
 9 October 2008  Aeroexpo Marrakech 2008: an airshow the Moroccan way
 4 October 2007  Meiringen revisited: hunting for Swiss fighters in the snow
 4 October 2007  Alpnach and Emmen: good places to kill some time
26 September '07  Another smashing deployment in the UK: Saudi Tornados at Lossiemouth
24 September '07  Web maintenance done: new counter (no ad pop-ups anymore), improved photo pop up etc
20 Ferbuary 2007  New colours for RNLAF C-130: KLu Hercs go boring grey
28 January 2007  Wiederhohlungskurses at Meiringen: Meiringen Action!
24 January 2007  Axalp 2006: Swiss fighters over the Alps
13 September '06  Buckeburg open day 2006: Tag der Heeresflieger
30 May 2006  Third DC-10 for the KLu - update: T-255 delivered to Eindhoven after overhaul
20 November '05  Italian B707T/T: Aerial refuelling with the Italian Air Force
 3 October 2005  Tanagra Air Show: Archangel 2005
11 September '05  An EAC ferry to Red Flag: Bringing Norwegian F-16s to Nellis Air Force Base
 4 September '05  New standard color scheme for RNLAF Gulfstream: Koninklijke Luchtmacht standard
15 June 2005  Egyptian surprise at Gilze-Rijen air show: C-130 brings Gomhouria Mk.6
 9 June 2005  Kleine Brogel Spotters Day 8 June 2005: They did it again!
 7 June 2005  MCAS Cherry Point Air Show 2005: An air show the Marine Corps way
31 March 2005  New colours for RNLAF Solo Display: demo F-16 J-055 in spectacular paint scheme
25 March 2005  Tactical Leadership Program 2005-2: Some smoke, others don't
21 February 2005  Last of the Tomcats: Clouds over Naval Air Station Oceana
 6 January 2005  Eindhoven visitors 2004: Most remarkable aircraft at Eindhoven in 2004
 2 January 2005  Downloads: In addition to the wallpapers we also have screensavers available for download
19 December '04  Wallpapers: Choose your wallpaper from the collection
25 October 2004  Third DC-10 for the KLu: New aircraft arrived on 25 October 2004
20 October 2004  Aerial refueling with the KDC-10: 334 Squadron air tanker service
30 September '04  New colors in the Dutch Air Force: KDC-10 and Alouette 3
20 September '04  Ronneby Air Show 2004: Farewell to the mighty Viggen
 1 September '04  Tigermeet 2004: Tigers at Schleswig-Jagel
23 August 2004  Indian Air Force visiting Pratica di Mare: Ferrying Indian Jaguars back home
23 August 2004  Royal International Air Tattoo: Report of a long weekend in Fairford
 2 August 2004  Photo Call Wittmund: Sun bathing at JG71s home base
30 June 2004  European Trainers Meet 2004: 25 Years Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force
25 June 2004  Volkel Air Show: 25 Years F-16 in the KLu
25 June 2004  Pratica di Mare Air Show: Farewell to the Starfighter
25 June 2004  Cognac Air Show: 70 Years French Air Force
25 June 2004  Dax Air Show: 50 Years l' Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
 3 June 2004  Special guest in the Netherlands: Eindhoven welcomes E-4B
 2 June 2004  Special markings at Eindhoven: 60 Years 334 sqn and UN operations
14 April 2004  A ferry to Maple Flag 2002: Bringing F-16s to Cold Lake
18 March 2004  End of an era: Last of the Dutch Starfighters
14 March 2004  Super Skyhawks at Cazaux: Singapore's Air Force training in France (redesigned)
18 February 2004  Axalp 2003: Swiss fighters over the Alps
18 February 2004  Daytrip to Grazzanise: Greek F-4s on rotation with 10th Gruppo
18 February 2004  Operation Enduring Freedom: Coverage from the European Participating Air Forces in Manas
18 February 2004  On tour trough Japan: From north to south in two weeks
18 February 2004  Launch of the new design of Afterburner.nl
 29 July 2002  Incident at RIAT 2002: Collapsing nose wheel G222
 1 October 2001  Lithuanian Border Guard: Old-timers in the air
 20 January 2001  Afterburner launches its website for the first time

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